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November 26, 2015


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RETAIL: My kids said they could not get close to the Apple products at Target. Target confirmed that they were selling 1 Apple laptop per second, Apple watches are hot as well as the new Apple TV. Apple products ,car sales, a slightly resurgent JP Penny, warm east coast weather and personal savings seem to be taking a significant portion of consumers normal shopping budget.

JOBS: The so called jobs creation surge continues to be confined to part time 2nd jobs, contract employment and senior citizens trying to make ends meet.

LACK OF LEADRERSHIP: The early Republican debates bring Immigration and the War on Terror to the forefront. Hillary slipping badly in the polls against opponents. As is the President. Interestingly, the President seems to be in full campaign mode trying to "convince" the public that he is taking the fight to the enemy, that his Generals are all in support of his policies. Reminds me of Saddam having all his Generals in agreement with his policies as well. Those who disagree with the President have been dismissed. Last week he trotted out Kerry to give a speech about how tough the President has been on ISIS. Even claiming that he had executed a "more boots on the ground strategy" BEFORE the Paris attacks. Now we watch as PUTIN and the French President take on the role of ISIS strategists. TURKEY, a NATO ally, seems to be left to deal with PUTIN directly--with no US middle man in sight.
Dangerous strategy. I thought this was a lame duck President but he seems to be afraid to lead as if the far left have him boxed in or his legacy would be ruined if he actually admitted his "create a vacuum" strategy in the middle east was a mistake. Notice how the Russians in Ukraine and the Assad Chemical weapons in the hands of ISIS issues have been swept under the carpet by main stream media? And the President.

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