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December 31, 2015


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--- Is today the day of reckoning many anti Fed people have predicted will come as a result of the experimental policies of Bernanke?
---Is today the beginning of the Middle East war that has threatened to break out for the past 60 years as Saudi Arabia and Iran escalate their proxy war? Can the US and Russia navigate their way through the transformation of the US as the major player in the area to the Russia expansion in the arena?
---Is this the beginning of the acceleration of the currency wars?
---OR is this just a another day of China manipulating their markets? Of the Saudi's keeping the leverage on Iran and Russia's oil revenues? Of US fund managers dumping the popular stocks of 2015 that they accumulated late in the year to make sure their investors had confidence they hadn't missed the boat? After all the stock getting hurt are the BEST the US has to offer. But, perhaps not the ones fund managers want to be in right now.Or is it the market's delayed response to the Fed's increase in interest rates muted by the holiday tepid trading days?

Or, is this just a way for Iran, Russia and the Saudi's to get the price of oil UP without cutting production?

Whatever it is it can certainly make one uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ask the candidates some of these questions?

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