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December 10, 2015


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A HOAX OR A RED HERRING? Today's alarming evacuation of 640,000 students in LA in response to what some are now calling a HOAX threat electronically transmitted to the LA school board reminds me of a few facts we should consider before we dismiss the HOAX.

1. Prior to terrorist attacks in the past terrorists tested US responses to false alarms and took trips to assess defenses. Terrorists do plan, do surveillance and test their plan.

2. A few days ago the couple who killed 14 were said to have visited schools as possible targets.

3. A couple months ago two students at my kids High School in Virginia were arrested after planning to call in a bomb threat and then shoot the kids as they came out. They were not Islamic terrorists but rather two teenage boys now charged with planning to carry out mass murder. However, the plan seems eerily similar to the potential of an attack being tested to se what school officials would do to evacuate the school, deal with bus loads of children, first responders, bomb searches, deal with children on the way to school, those already there and the parents rushing to get to their children. If it was a test then now they know. And, considering their were 900 schools activated no one really knows what school or schools the were watching. NY city received a similar threat and did not activate their plan.

Which city did the right thing? Which city gave out the information that exposed a weakness? Let's hope it was a hoax. That no one was watching. But, let's not dismiss it. All of our soft targets are in jeopardy, exposed and vulnerable to test runs. Hopefully, the FBI was watching for those who were watching our kids.

This is going to be an ugly war. Israel can teach us a lot. We should listen. And, never be too quick to dismiss events we deem false alarms.

THE PRESIDENT says all is going well. Our friends on the ground will continue to have our support as they retake the countries. At the end he assured us that once the country empties out of the good guys then only ISIS will remains. I suppose that is like a fish pond drying up. At the end you can just catch all the fish you want by hand. While I have great sympathy for refugees and their plight it seems that this is a great opportunity to evacuate a very poor place to raise a family and get special immigration status to a place with a long waiting line. And, if you are an ISIS member or inclined to become one you will land inside the very territory you want to attack. Sorry but this seems so obvious that only someone naïve would not see through it. I didn't see us rushing to bring in a lot of the people looking to escape Ebola. Perhaps a virus is more dangerous than a terrorist. If you are going to fight a war--fight it and get it over with. Otherwise play defense until you lose.

AWAITING another briefing by the President. I will withhold comment on this excellent piece, Bill, until I listen to the CIC in a few minutes.

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