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December 03, 2015


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Thomas Friedman's Dec 3 column attributed the recent Crimea power-outage to pro-Turkish Tarters. If Putin gets too "frisky" with Turkey and propping up Assad, he may get more flashback against Russian interests than he calculated.

There must be lots of behind the scenes maneuvering to promote detente between Erdogan's central government and the more distant Kurdish region. It is hard to visualize how the Syrian situation could stabilize without an accommodation with Kurds. [Incidentally, its prophetic end-times account requires the caliphate to first sack Istanbul---suspect that Erdogan will mobilize Turkey's army and call out NATO's obligations before surrendering Istanbul to ISIS]

I remain puzzled about why Europe and the USA resist would-be jihadists from going to Syria/Iraq to join the caliphate. A good case can be made that the wannabees should be given one way tickets, lock the door against return, and let them achieve their desired fate of martyrdom

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