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January 28, 2016


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DEMOCRATS AS ECONOMIC SAVIORS: Given a mandate to save the economy the Democrats rallied to do what?
1. Passed a $1 Trillion stimulus bill that resulted in funding their pet projects, little infrastructure and spent the funds mainly on unemployment benefits and increases in welfare benefits.

2. The Fed printed $4 Trillion to create liquidity and we waited for it to spark the economy which we all know is led in job creation by small businesses. Where are the dollars? Today it was released that the US banks rather than lend to US businesses have increased the cash on their balance sheets from $300B to $1.3 Trillion. Loans anyone? Nope regulations require we keep the cash.

3. Tax reform to get America competitive around the world and release the cash overseas? Nope not on your life.

4. Zero interest rates have done what:
--destroyed the investment income of seniors and their purchasing power.
--created a world environment of currency wars that have driven the dollar up reducing the ability of the US manufacturers to compete overseas.
--made Obama look like he has reduced the US deficit. Create the deficit if we had 4% interest on the debt. And, trapped the Feds in a zero interest rate future.
--created an environment for Fortune 1000 companies to buy back stock rather than invest in growth. Cut expenses to get their EPS up all the while creating a non revenue increasing world of shrinking corporate giants investing overseas.
--this no growth world has created low labor wages. It has produced a world of low commodity process wherein the emerging world drills and mines and sells their commodities at low process in an ineffective way of trying to pay for their socialist programs.
5. Used sanctions to fight wars. These sanctions come back to bite economically. Meanwhile the proxy drone wars marginally take and hold territory. Today Kerry expressed his fears of an ISIS stronghold in Libya but quickly added we would not take action yet.--always yet--another line in the sand. Meanwhile, he begged Syria and Russia to stop bombing our allies in Syria and agree to a humanitarian halt in the war against Assad.(our previous line in the sand--before the Iranian one.)
6. And, now we have the rise of Socialist Bernie Sanders who is in a tie with our former first lady and Secretary of State, wife of the man who actually believe in the free enterprise system. Socialism--really? America?

IT's A MATTER OF TRUST: Being awarded a Security clearance by your country is a privilege and a trust that few ever seek or earn. I guess in this day of celebrated hackers and high profile websites taking pride in divulging secrets it isn't surprising that a person running for President with a couple decades sleeping somewhere near a President deems it to be up to her how she protects classified information. Kind of scary too that the whole chain of people she shared the information with never turned her in. Now the difference in philosophy between the CIA and the State Department on security classification seems to be the excuse. No matter to me. I know who put her self ahead of the country.

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