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January 21, 2016


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Comment on Congressional Support for ISIS War: Bill, we rarely disagree and this one is a small one but my feeling is that the President is covered by ISIS birth relationship to Al Queda. No matter the change of leadership or affiliation. I do feel that Congress should pass a "war on Terror" amendment independent of their other approvals of war for specific events and retribution for 9-11. Islamic terrorists have declared war on most of the modern world. This includes Muslim citizens as well as the rest of us. It is not like the US and Germany or Japan. And, it calls for a clarification of who has declared war on us and who we therefore are at war with. I suspect Congressional leaders are just too disparate in their views of what is necessary to meet and defeat the threat to put together a cohesive declaration. I believe the President is sworn to defend the US and it's people against all enemies both foreign and domestic so perhaps that open ended authorization is enough to basically let the CIC/President do what he wants subject to impeachment. Lincoln certainly used the broad interpretation to expand his goals in defeating the south. Flaunting the interpretations of his foes on his powers.

For a weak intending President Obama has certainly heeded GWB's advice that this war is likely forever and mainly fought in the shadows. A war like this is subject to much Monday morning quarterbacking. My guess is that as all the former Director's of the CIA attest the President awakes every morning to an array of threats that likely make even the weakest of President's shiver and determined to fight. The question they address is who, where, how and when. GWB went for mass destruction while this President tried to stick with surgical interdiction with special forces and drones. Neither has convinced me that this war can be won with either tactic. In the end the next President will wake every day to even more dangerous threats and more choices of ways to fight.

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