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February 28, 2016


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GETTING OUT THE VOTE Well it is interesting to hear the reports from Super Tuesday of how Trump got the vote out and Hillary didn't. I guess I am more inclined to believe that the Democrats crossed the line and voted Republican not because they believe in Trump but because they believe he is the most likely candidate for Hillary beat. The Democratic party has done it before. They funded Tea Party candidates in order to defeat highly qualified, popular candidates in Republican primaries and it worked. I suspect they are up to it again. In Virginia when you walked into the polls there was a big sign reminding you that you could choose to vote in either primary. I stopped and thought about it. I almost crossed and voted for Bernie, the candidate I agree with the least in both parties just to vote against Hillary. But, I changed strategy and went ahead and voted for Kasich, the only candidate I trust in the election to actually have the experience and intelligence to bring this country together and get some problems solved.

So, it remains to be seen in the general election if Trump will get out the vote or dampen it for Republicans. He obviously is betting that the black voters will not come out in high numbers and that the conservatives will not vote for Hillary. He will have a lot of work to do to get the conservatives not to stay home. I would choose Hillary over Trump if I believed that Bill Clinton can live another 9 years. But, I think that is a risk and if Hillary is left to be Hillary then I will likely go for Trump if and only if he changes his demeanor of attack, proves to me he has any understanding of the critical issues and gives me an idea of his management style. So far, I'm with Romney. If we go much further in this I think there is a 50% chance that we are going to get a 3rd party candidate to stop Trump from becoming President. Perhaps funded by the Democrats.

I do, however, believe America is tired of fake jobs, tired of minority issues, tired of terrorist rights, tired of America looking weak and tired of leadership by division. Trump appears to give us that--false or not. And, Hillary is going to have a very difficult time winning unless she can select Bill Clinton as VP. By the way has anyone actually asked Bill if he plans to move into the White House as 1st man if she is elected or will he continue to work on his own legacy and fortune?

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