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February 18, 2016


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APPLE AND YOUR FBI-- Interesting game of arguments. Apple claims that encryption is necessary for consumer confidence in the security of their devices. That it is crucial to the American security. You have to go no further than the recent award winning movie "Imitation Game" to realize that machines can and will aid people/nations to break encryption systems for both the good and the bad uses. Good in the case of WWII and the years it shortened the war and millions of lives it saved. Bad in the case of Chinese cyber crime.

When I worked on the nation's top secrets looking into the communications behavior of the cold war enemies my company had a safe room that in the 70's cost 100's of thousand dollars to build and maintain outside the Pentagon. As far as I know the words we said and the viewgraphs we displayed remained secure at least from the 70's until the 90's when DOD released them. Some have yet to be revealed. We were able to tell much of what our enemies were doing from observing their electronic signals. It was useful and probably helped secure the world through the cold war. The other side of course as depicted in the movie "Bridge of Spies" were doing the same thing to keep up with us in that case using Human spies to build a nuclear weapon. So governments are going to do what governments do: provide for the security of their country. In some ways this cas is the same argument for and against Water Boarding.

Now comes the entry of Apple. And, the advancement of terrorist groups so diverse, so large (probably 300 Million people support Muslim terrorists) and so disposed to the destruction of the western civilization that it occupies much of the security pursuits of the world. Apple could, as a part of their responsibility to society, build a secure group that opens, under very stringent court orders, a specific set of their products one at a time and provides to the government the information from that device but not the backdoor solution. On the other hand is that the way it should be done? Will that require Apple to have a similar group in every country to respond to their courts? Or is the government's responsibility to build their own secure group to open devices one at a time? Can they compel Apple to help? I guess we could look back to WWII when Ford went from a car company to a tank builder for the US Army. What if Ford had said "No"?

I could go on but no need. This will be drawn out but it will be solved in the Supreme court or in Congress in the US. Perhaps both.I'm sure China is now thinking about this problem. And, if Apple is as smart as I think they are they already use different encryption systems for China than they do in the US. In the meantime be sure that there are no secure devices especially once you connect them through the internet, Wi Fi or your blue tooth in your car. Your phone is your phone and someone is listening to it all.

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