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March 31, 2016


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HEADHUNTERS KNOW: For those of you who think that I have a tainted view of the economy and unemployment because of my Republican orientation –here you go:

The Labor Department reported Friday that a broad measure of joblessness -- that includes part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs, discouraged workers who stopped looking and the unemployed – was 9.8%.

28 Million US workers are part time. The number of 1099 contract workers who work under no benefits and no employment laws is astronomical. Perhaps as many as 25% of service employees such as IT and Nursing. It is now moving into legal, and financial professions. When politicians over whelm American businesses with regulation then American business looks for solutions that allow them to compete and win. For 20 years American businesses converted workers from full time, benefits earning workers to part time and 1099 workers to avoid regulation. No different than they minimized the number of workers in unions. (While government unions continue to grow) No different than America’s most powerful companies that make things have moved the actual production plants to countries with little regulation. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves as they continue to inspire creative solutions by American businesses (especially the large multinational) through their tax and regulate policies. All of Government ignores the real American job machine: small American service businesses.

AMEN! Would that he had a more Presidential manner. Perhaps I could vote for him. My issue and anger is with Wall Street. no one punished and I almost lost my home. Many others did.

WHY IS AMERICA SO ANGRY? Here is a brief summary of why America is angry and a guy like Trump with his brash and seeming hurtful style could sweep the field.
--Affirmative Action in 1961 prior to Vietnam introduced by Kennedy started the "leveling of the playing field" a concept in which black Americans (and later women then Hispanics) were given preferential consideration for jobs formerly held by white American men. White men returning from War in Vietnam were forced to watch as Black men were offered job opportunities based on race over capabilities. Anger began.

--Integration followed in 1968 and white males saw their schools accepting black males bused from other parts of the cities. These black males soon took spots on sports teams and slowly dominated the lineups in High Schools and Colleges.

--Immigration of Mexicans began to go beyond the transient worker picking crops in Florida and Texas as employers began to realize that these workers would displace the white males in most of the trades and factories. At first it was sold that the immigrants would only take the jobs Americans didn't want. But as the years went by and the politicians gave them amnesty they took away the high paying labor jobs of building houses, working on roads, driving equipment, doing maintenance formerly held by white Middles class workers. 31 Million come to American in 30 years. Displacing mostly white male workers. Mexicans too became formidable athletes in white male sports such as soccer.
--Free Trade was sold as a way for Americans to sell their goods overseas and grow out industries. But, employers realized that there was much to be gained by building plants over seas and closing the ones here. Gaining huge savings in labor costs and ignoring American tougher manufacturing standards. Thereby gaining margins. All at the cost of American middleclass workers jobs.
--So, along comes the first Black American President. Hope soars as this was a former labor leader deemed to be a friend of labor. 75% of America has hope. In his first act he passed a $1 Trillion stimulus bill that was supposed to create jobs, "good middle class jobs" but instead was a concoction of Democratic Programs that could not be passed under a balanced Congress. It contained less than 3% of infrastructure funding. Instead it focused on welfare and unemployment benefits. Democratic leaders and the President were quick to do photo shoots celebrating their wins over Republicans. The angry white man now knew that the leveling of the playing field was not meant for white middleclass labor, it was a program that continued their feeling that they were paying for the leveling with their taxes and their jobs. By this time the NBA had few white athletes and the colleges and the High School sports teams were dominated by black males and Mexican soccer players.
--The Affordable Care Act played out like the TV trial of OJ as Democrats paid little credence to Republican ideas and were forced to bribe their own party with favors to get enough votes to pass it. And, Americans quickly put the country back in balance in the 2010 election.
--SO, Trump is saying what the angry white males want to hear: Government, mostly Democrats took their jobs, their sports and now their women with 50 years of Affirmative Action, Integration, Immigration, Free Trade and political "leveling of the playing field". Trump doesn't say it quite like this but he knows where the anger is and he plays to it. There are angry white men in both parties and if Trump gets the nomination they will cross over to the Republican side and he will very likely defeat Hillary soundly for the Presidency.

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