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March 10, 2016


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HERE COMES THE CALVARY for Hillary. Likely alarmed with the anger in the American voters over immigration taking jobs, job flow outside the US and wage stagnation Democrats have called on the Calvary to help Hillary. Janet Yellen backs down on the strength of the economy and stalls on interest rate increases. This will ease the rise in the dollar and slow the weakening of American manufacturing. Just before that the President announced his nominee to the US Supreme Court despite the assurances of Republican leadership that the appointment will not be considered. And, it did, of course, prompt a restatement of Republican refusal to consider it. The games begin. In the meantime the Press focuses on the possible candidates for President to emerge if there is a brokered Republican convention. First to decline is the Speaker of the House. The press will likely continue to push forward more and more "possible" Republicans who could emerge from the convention as the Presidential candidate all the while negatively comparing them to Trump. A strategy designed to diminish the rise of Trump in the polls and enhance Hillary as they assure Democrats that she will run away from Bernie. What else can they do? Continue to send demonstrators to the rallies for Trump to make him look like he condones violence perhaps. And, then there is the segment of the Republican party trying to find a way to keep Trump from getting the nomination. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that.

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