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April 21, 2016


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JOE GIBBS FOR PRESIDENT! I don't know what party Joe is in. All I know is he represents what doesn't run for President: Leaders. Joe Gibbs is likely the only NFL coach to win 3 Super Bowls with 3 different quarterbacks. Joe Gibbs is the only NFL Super Bowl winning and Hall Of Fame Coach to transition to another major Sport and Win the championship when he went to NASCAR, built a team, and Won the title. Joe Gibbs is one of the few leaders who could manage and win championships with mavericks like John Riggins and Kyle Busch. His leadership allowed Riggins and Busch to be themselves and harnessed their individual greatness to contribute to team greatness. Their is no "I" man in Joe Gibbs. When he spoke it was about his team, his organization and his league. I heard him speak a few weeks ago and he was asked how he could go from NFL football to NASCAR and have such success in such different sports. His answer was simple: you assemble a team of people who know their job, you give them the freedom and resources to do it and you inspire them to be themselves, to respect each other and operate as a team to accomplish the mission. It doesn't matter what you are leading from a family,to a sports team, to a business , to a country, this formula works. So simple, So rare. In a time and a country that needs this refreshing leadership where is it and why is it not respected? Mitt Romney has it. Voted down. Jeb Bush has it, Voted down. Trump is another "I" man. Hillary fails on ethics.
John Kasich has it all. He won one primary. America suffers most for its inability to attract or elect a Joe Gibbs. Maybe a divided Republican convention will spawn one.

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