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April 28, 2016


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ONLY IN AMERICA could a Presidential Candidate insult his way to victory. I hear that Donald Trump is a nice guy. I hope so. He successfully, it appears, used insults to fire up an angry middle class enough to stampede the herd of opponents to the sideline. Some, like early front runner Jeb Bush, seemed to wear out just trying to answer insults and many false accusations. It worked. As they withdrew their miniscule supporters did not flock to the other dozen or so Trump opponents. Instead they began to jump on the band wagon of the leader and helped him tear a path through the primaries.

So now what? Today, in between occasional pot shots at Cruz and Hillary, Trump actually sounded a bit normal. A few more specific objectives came out of his mouth giving hope to the faint of heart that he may actually know what he is doing. It was refreshing for him to say he would like a functional VP who can handle legislative business and admit he had no expertise there. It was nice that he said he would renegotiate our trade deals not cancel them. He will definitely be interesting. Will he win? Likely so, if he can paint Hillary as just another one of the establishment that have left the middle class for dead over 20 years. He has a big advantage: he does not have much love for the recent Republican Presidents either and no ties to them. He readily admits he has bought plenty of politicians and he knows how it works. Hillary can smile all she wants: this will not be a walk in the park.

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