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May 12, 2016


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DEMOCRATS FOR TRUMP--a nice thought. Why not start the website now? Let's see how big the membership can become. Invite the Bernie IT savy followers who believe he is getting the shaft by Democratic elite to help build it and recruit young Democrats. It won't take much to get a significant part of them--a solution to student debt. A vision of real jobs for college graduates. Some real support to inner city schools for education of the young blacks. Offer them places on the campaign staff focusing on social media. "We don't want those young socialist rebels you think?" Hey, weren't we all the young rebels once. Ever watch Les Miserables? It's the young who want to change the status quo and they will die trying. We could use a few young socialists to shake things up. How long are we going to try and win elections based on anti abortion, Christian values, anti gay and larger military stances? Let's find out what the real issues are and they can help us readdress our positions and win again. It was a good start when yesterday Paul Ryan began to address the need to agree to disagree in the party and open our mind to move forward not defend the Alamo. I thought I actually heard him say "we accept all comers". Not believers. And, there are a lot of Democrats who do not like Hillary, many of them women. Trump actually has a record of promoting women and paying them well. That'll help. His threat to Amazon/Washington Post today was intended to send a signal to his rebel followers that he is not a normal politician. He will take on unfair business practices. And, of course, his timing is perfect as Nordstrom and Macy missed big on their earnings reports this week leading the retail segment to fear more store closings and job layoffs. Democrats for the Donald. I like it .

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