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June 09, 2016


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The "I" Men take the campaign Head On. Did the Donald suck the President into the lead as the campaign for President? If he did then it worked big time. Angered by the Donald's bait job to utter the word Muslim in the same sentence as the words radical terrorists, the President spent most of his press conference on the Florida mass killing defending himself. He did it well but that doesn't matter. His anger came through. His logic was technically correct. But, his emotions and explanation will open him up to the questions of his virtual unrestricted support for immigration whether they come over or under the fence. Secondly, it makes it clear that his preference is to separate terrorists from Muslims. That does not sit well with a large segment of Americans. More importantly, the new love affair between Hillary and the President, is moving Hillary closer and closer to looking like his hand picked successor and makes the Donald's claim she is 4 more years of Obama ring true. Worse for Hillary is her coming in right after the President's attack with more and more of the I agree, I agree cheerleading of the President. Imagine when they finally stand on the stage together at their first campaign rally. She will have the same silly smile as the Vice President and be portraying herself in the same supportive mode. And, the "I" man will take the lead as he did today explaining his legacy and defending the position the Donald slams. Before long we will forget who is running for the Democratic ticket and listen to long explanations of how the "I" man is misunderstood and did everything right. Ironic isn't it that the Donald leads with "I" will get it right. By the way does it really matter to any of us what the names are of the guys we blew up with drones?

IS THIS THE ALAMO? You point out some tragic and scary things, Bill. For 8 long years we have endured the move to socialism. The first 2 years were shockingly swift and jolted the voters into action as they immediately plugged the leak in the dam giving control of the House to Republicans. It slowed the process. Virtually everything that differentiated America from Europe and Communist countries went under attack. Banks blamed for the crisis. Rich blamed for not paying their fair share. Companies for their low minimum wage and hiding cash overseas. Coal and oil for creating global warming now called climate change. The medical providers for over charging for services and prescriptions. George Bush for all that is wrong in the world both militarily and economically. The CIA for torture. Republicans for their support of gun owners. The list grows. The wars in the Middle east go on. Troops head back to Iraq. The US produces more oil than ever. Schools continue to increase tuition and teach students the wrong things. Social benefits for those outside the workforce rise. Can anyone name a policy that has worked to produce peace or economic growth in America in 8 years? It is difficult to find one. And, here we are so confused as to have given ourselves an election choice for the next world leader between two candidates with 60+ percent dislikes. Think of that: each party represents roughly 40% of the voters. So to have 60% dislike rating you have to be disliked by ALL of your opponents in the other party and 50% of the voters in your own party or all of the undecided. What have we done? One party ran a socialist and a liberal. The other party ran everyone, split the field and gave rise to another "I" man.

So, when we need a person to take us back to the basics of economic performance. Back to priorities of job creation by American business through tax policy, less regulation, bank lending support and a clear field for small businesses. Back to simple Defense policy that recognizes the enemy and attacks them. We get a candidate who is under investigation for exposing American secrets and a candidate who runs on emotional sound bites that are little more than "they do it wrong, I will do it right". We are at the Alamo. The spending of the baby boomers is over. There are few middle class jobs for the next generation to enter as boomers retire. Social costs escalate.
The under developed world takes the jobs and struggles to find an
economic system that works. The US GDP at 1.5% seems wonderful to the rest of the world growing at near zero. We whiffed on Romney.
If Trump wins the next 4 years will be at best uncertain as he tries like all newly elected politicians to assert his will on the "good old boys". I believe they call it Congress. If Hillary wins and carries the Congress socialism marches on. If she loses Congress then the current trend to run government by Executive order will continue and little happens.

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