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June 30, 2016


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OIL,OIL,OIL for the past 40 years I have made the point that there is more oil on earth than any liquid than salt water. Today it was announced that the US production has exceeded that of Saudi Arabia and US reserves are the largest in the world. If oil heads back to $100/barrel then one has to look for a return to the days of conspired control of oil production by OPES, Russia, Iran and multinational Oil Companies. If the US government wants the security of low and stable oil prices they will:
1. Legalize and encourage expert of Natural gas and oil.

2. Insure US oil producers against attempts of outside producers to ruin the production of US based oil using advanced technology.

3. Encourage exploration of US based oil reserves and the development of environmentally compatible oil production.

4. Build and secure at least two large gasoline refineries inside US borders to support US supplies of fuel in the event of shut downs of foreign based oil refineries.

Investing in oil producers is highly speculative in an environment when oil only rises on the basis of manipulation by oil producers, news announcements by Russia/OPEC and questionable forecasts by oil analysts.

OOPS--I meant to say I didn't think they were classified.
Leadership at it's lowest level:

No support for the Ambassador in Benghazi.

Top Secret emails sent through private email chains in the State Department. Email chains? That means neither the sender nor the receiver nor the forwarders cared or responsible enough to mention that they were exchanging TOP SECRET information over private channels. People are fired for less and they are jailed for similar.

President Clinton meets with the AG in a questionable walk across the runway a few days before the results of the FBI results are disclosed. She says they did not discuss her case? Another example of her inability to judge proper behavior from improper.

The FBI judgement rests on intent. If the Secretary of State does not know the difference between Top Secret information and normal business then she is either incompetent or reckless in not only her leadership by example but her ability to manage her staff. Who wants her to manage the US Intelligence, Military and Economic system?

And, where is she today? Crawling under the coat tails of a President who leads with the "I" man principal. I can't wait to hear their joint spin on the findings of the FBI in North Carolina. It should begin with: "I" am so dumb I didn't know what I was doing ---
But, I am sure it will begin with "My thanks to the FBI for clearing my good name ---"

Most of us who served in the intelligence world with special clearances are appalled by this behavior and the whitewash that will likely follow.

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