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June 23, 2016


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13 HOURS at BENGAHZI. When I watch a movie which tells me it is based on a true story I wonder how true the portrayal really is. After I watched it I went to my friends in the CIA and asked if they had watched it yet. None had but some knew people who were there. SO, I asked them to watch it and let me know how accurate they think it might be. I am waiting their assessment.

My impression immediately is that if the portrayal is anywhere near the truth then it must go down as one of America's most darkest hours of leadership both at the CIA site and the leadership who in this portrayal did not respond to help. The heroism of the people there was portrayed to be of Medal of Honor levels. If the decision not to support the base went as high as the President and Secretary of State then it is a matter of National concern that should be addressed prominently in the political election. No group of Americans fighting for their lives should ever be left to fend for themselves without the full support of our nation. I am anxious to know the answer.

Their is circumstantial evidence at the end of the film that gives rise to two possible ideas: Virtually all of the CIA soldiers who were featured in the film left the CIA service after the event. Given the strength of character of US Special Forces it might give credence to their feeling of abandonment and their feeling that US leaders have no stomach for "no man left behind" loyalty of the defense of buddies in battle. OR, it could be that they were all going to face charges for disobeying orders of the CIA commander and going to the aide of the US Ambassador and his staff and therefore were allowed to resign. If that is the case then I wonder who leads best: men in battle or politicians who don't respond?

Watch the movie. I will report when I get a feeling from sources of what is the real story. In the mean time think about Hillary's role in all this and what it means in terms of the above thoughts expressed by Bill.

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