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July 14, 2016


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CRUZ--A brilliant speech except for the punch line. I respect Cruz as a brilliant mind and orator. I am not a fan of his constant "my way or the highway" mode of operating in the Senate and as a Presidential candidate. He would not be on my team if we were picking teams as a kid for any sport. He is simply not a team player. He is another "I" man. Last night he had the crowd fired up more than any other speaker for Republican values and the nature of freedom as the basis for living. But, just at the moment when he could have brought down the house and the outside listeners, he blew it. He did not utter the words that he was there to support Donald Trump. No doubt Trump is paying a high price for his insults of good people during the primary. Cruz's wife is in this case. The Bush family also comes to mind. Some say he was playing the "I will be King card" if Trump loses. Perhaps, but more likely he is just not a team player. Never has been in the Senate. Shame because defeating Hillary is what the Republicans are supposed to be doing. Pence appears to me to be a strong team player and his speech was strong enough to counter some of Cruz's snub but the opportunity for Cruz to electrify the nation if he would have set the stage for Pence was a missed opportunity that I as one voter will remember.

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