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July 28, 2016


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IT's THE ECONOMY, STUPID: There's a rule in marketing that all attention seems to help long term. So it is too common for Hollywood personalities to produce opportunities for pictures of their under wear (or lack of), produce and leak sex tapes or get involved in high profile controversial events from bringing down Drug kings, to parties to political causes. It surprises or disgusts many of us but it leads to huge public awareness and allows them to earn spots in the media both paid and unpaid that keeps their careers booming. Nike is giving up on selling golf clubs and balls but retains Tiger Woods the most notorious sex scandal golfer in history. It works. So, it is no wonder that The Donald has learned long ago that you can get way ahead by going on TV and "firing" people each week. Hillary didn't "fire" woman chasing husband "Bill". Two sides of the same coin--publicity from seemingly insensitive acts. So here we are with a Presidential candidate who seems to self destruct with insensitive behavior in a Presidential run. OK we thought as he went through the primaries insulting all his fellow Republican rivals. His mode of operation is to attack the established people in the current political system no matter who they are Democrats, Republicans, and foreign political leaders. It is a seemingly unwise strategy but it worked to crush 17 rivals for the nomination. It scares the establishment to wits end.

He recognizes that there exists in this country a group of people who simply do not see how they got where they are. They had a good job, they had a fully valued house., they had a retirement account, they could feed their families, they could pay for medical insurance, they could send their kids to college without massive debt. The worse it got the more the politicians promised them. It never came. Immigration took away 31 million US jobs. Higher tax rates on business combined with trade agreements to invite companies to not only ship their jobs overseas but then to keep their capital overseas and to spend it overseas to expand over there and employ financial engineering over here. Welfare exploded as politicians continued to buy votes. Students were given massive loans they could not or would not pay. Now Democrats want to write off the loans and give us free college so the next generation will not have the debt. What a fools gamble--where will those funds come from? Higher taxes on wage earners and/or higher debt. So, why the anger? The American dream that is rooted in the Capitalist system is vanishing in a wave of financial engineering, regulation, overseas migration of jobs and the disappearing of CAP EX. No CAP EX then no job creation, no expansion and no pay raises. Jobs are becoming 30 hour a week temporary assignments. No benefits. 1099 jobs with no benefits and no employee protection by labor laws or support from unions. The growth of America's economy is struggling to stay at 1%. Anger is rising. The President and Hillary are combining to exploit the anger against the "rich". It's all the rich people's fault. And, they hope to win that way. They might win the White House but the people have blocked them in Congress for a reason: their policies are not working and they feel it. So far however, the anger has not given rise to an understanding or appreciation of the impact that all these policies have had on their lives. What they do know however, is that their lives are getting worse and the people they trusted to fix the problems have not. Both parties are getting the blame and deservedly so. The Donald has it in his sights. He is targeting all the symbols of the establishment machine in both parties to try and gain the confidence of the "angry" to give him a try. After all what do they have to lose? The more he attacks the further left Hillary moves with promises of more free goods and services. IT IS THE ECONOMY, STUPID. And, he knows it.
The President has taken control of Hillary's campaign. Every speech, every news conference is about Trump. Now the focus of Hillary's campaign is about defending Obama's legacy and trying to generate some interest in Bernie's people with the give a way's. Every speech is a screeching plea to diminish The Donald's humanity and competence. Now Donald can talk about the economy. The failed programs of Obama. While he has the President talking about The Donald and his opponent focused on the very weakness of character she suffers from. It may not work but he knows, I suspect, that he cannot win trying to rehash the policies and strategies of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz. People don't want more of the same. They want a crusader, change and leadership. In the end it will be about turnout. And, Obama is making Hillary look like his follower and puppet. He and Hillary are now fighting a war of insults with nothing new to offer. Very interesting strategy.

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