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September 22, 2016


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AN UPDATE ON BUMPER STICKERS: A week ago my wife and I took 6 days and drove from Las Vegas through the National Parks in Utah and on up to the Tetons and Yellowstone. Over 500 miles through the countryside of Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Not one bumper sticker for either candidate was seen. What was clear is that most of the country people we talked with were firmly in the Trump camp. It appears this will be a battle of the urban socialistic voters versus the more independent people in the country who raise cows and grow hay for a living. When I returned home to Virginia I finally found 2 cars with stickers and one lone farm with a two large yard signs. All were for Trump. I have still only seen one sign for the Democrats and it was not for Hillary only her running mate. What does all this mean? Is there an environmental ban on bumper stickers? Are they illegal? I don't think so. I think not one likes their choices, period. And, they are afraid of the people who support the other side.

After last night's performance of the two I am less confident that either of them deserve to lead the country. You had to dig through the Donald Duck facial expressions and interruptions of the Donald to hear his actual plan of tax cuts for business, repatriation of overseas money, a more aggressive attack on ISIS, and renegotiation of tax advantages for our trading partners. On the other side the smiling face of Hillary seemed to me to be like a puppet well trained to spout the lines designed to trigger emotional response from the Donald. Hidden in all that was mostly Bernie oriented socialistic messages of tax the rich, free college education, student debt forgiveness, more of those good old clean energy jobs, save us from global warming and nothing on infrastructure or corporate tax reform. Neither addressed immigration. That was the dullest and least informative Presidential debate I have ever watched. Donald went in trying to be a nice guy and not attack but Hillary, well trained, baited him with personal attacks on him and he forgot how to counter. He left out Benghazi. He left out the Clinton Foundation and pay to play. he was awkward when he talked about the Clinton/Obama withdrawal in Iraq and the specific weaknesses of the Iran deal. He said nothing of President Obama running the country by issuing executive orders. He let her get on the birther and Trump taxes for one full session. If I learned anything from last night I learned that Trump cannot be advised and that Hillary is more socialist than her husband. I'll keep looking for the bumper stickers. If none show up I'll conclude we are all too busy trying to survive than to promote our choice.

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