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October 06, 2016


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THE BUMPER STICKER POLL: This morning I thought I saw a Hillary bumper sticker but as I moved closer to the car ahead of me I was impressed with the newness; the bright red, white and blue colors I was surprised to see that it read 'Hillary for Prison'. So, I put that one in the Trump column. I found one more very small Trump sticker. Now the bumper sticker poll is 9-1 Trump.

While Trump continues to seem to fire at will and his latest poll numbers look bleak it may be surprising to remember that Gore lead Bush by double digits in October and while he won the popular vote GWB won the Presidency. It can still happen for Trump although the party Royalty seem intent on making sure that he doesn't. How is it possible? I believe the only way is:

1. for Trump to pivot off the personal defense of himself and switch to an all out effort to concentrate on the major issues that differentiate Republicans from Democrats. These are Immigration, corporate tax reform and repatriation, infrastructure funding, regulatory reform, and ISIS/Iran policy.
2. Trump to stop the games with Paul Ryan and start supporting local candidates who support him.
3. A clear campaign pointing out the two faced nature of Hillary with Wall Street versus the public, her failure at Benghazi, her pay for play at the Clinton Foundation, her support for Obamacare, her email security breech and her tax increase strategy for American corporations.
4. A likely very low turnout by Democrats who do not like her. They may not vote for Trump but they may likely stay home.
5. A very high turnout of Republicans which is likely because Republicans are very determined to keep Hillary out of office. If he gets them out there then he may get their vote even if they don't like him. Many, many people are of the mind "anyone but Hillary".

It may not happen but it could.

A LANDSLIDE COMING? If we base our prediction of the election outcome on bumper stickers and yard signs then we might be surprised. After a tour of the us by auto over the last month I now have the tally: Trump 7 Clinton 1 and momentum is on Trump's side this morning it was Trump 3 Clinton 0. These were in Virginia so the swing state of Virginia must be moving toward Trump. This is a curious year. Why no signs?
This morning's job numbers might show us something: 163,000 jobs added is now a good number all gains made in professional services and healthcare. Participation rate still at 63%. The dollar rising. The Fed trying it's best to convince us this 1% growth economy requires a rise in interest rates. It's hard to believe that a Dove can actually pull the trigger in this environment. The lack of enthusiasm for these candidates is alarming. All over the country all I hear is "I hate them both". But, still people are tired of Obama and a grid locked Congress.

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