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October 27, 2016


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Well written as always, Bill. Very creative opening. Boy Scouts like Mitt Romney no longer seem admired in the USA. These two candidates make Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson look like alter boys. Nixon was impeached for much less than the day to day activities of the Clinton's who are on the verge of their third term. Johnson withdrew for his constant lying about the Vietnam War strategy. Forget the days of Joe the Plumber warnings of our move to Socialism, we are now on the verge of giving the keys to the hen house to the Foxes.

Republican leadership, whoever it is, should be ashamed at how they managed to throw victory over the cliff with 19 candidates focused on themselves rather than the nation or at least the party allowing another "I Man" to take the nomination and virtually destroy the party integrity. In the end if somehow he were to even get close or win it will (with a little help from Weiner) only then will we know how easy it would have ben for a solid candidate to have beat her.

Bumper Sticker Poll: Trump 293 Clinton 65 We learned that this election is civil war: Urban America versus the City Folk. Thanks to this interesting but totally unscientific poll.

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