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October 12, 2016


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BUMPER STICKER POLL: Despite the seeming self destructive ranting of the DONALD the bumper sticker rout continues. Now from my friends throughout the land the count is 22 TRUMP to 2 For CLINTON. This astonishing result seems to indicate that no one wants to be a CLINTON supporter and few want to be seen as siding with TRUMP. But, Trump supporters are definitely more solidly in his camp. It continues to amaze me that so many people are like these:

VOTING FOR TRUMP: "I don't care if Trump acts like a self centered, alpha male, He might change things and he's honest. I need change."

VOTING AGAINST CLINTON: "I don't like TRUMP but I cannot vote for CLINTON. I cannot trust her nor should the nation."

VOTING FOR HILLARY: "This is the worst choice I have ever voted for."

SITTING IT OUT: "How did we get here? I'm too sick to vote for either of these people."

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