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November 17, 2016


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TRUMP moves solidly back to TRUMP of OLD: A good businessman knows he needs to listen to the views of a wide range of people. At the same time he needs to have a plan and execute it. Survival, often referred to as success requires that after he listens to the thoughts of others he execute his plan and "win". Campaigning is all about winning. As I have heard Trump say when people complained about his style contrasted to Jeb and Mitt "You cannot do anything for the people if you don't win." So he won. Without the press and without the party elite. I think even the Democratic opposition perhaps more so than his party appreciated that he won. After all when Harry Reid was asked if he regretted his lies about Romney's taxes and if he wanted to apologize for the remarks all he did was smile and say "he didn't win did he?" Politics as played by the far left is "hard ball anything goes". Winning is everything. Nice guys finish last. So as Boehner said last week " Why worry. Trump is barely a Republican."

And, so now we see that water boarding is out. Hillary is free to go on making money. Global warming might not be climate change after all. Some elements of Obamacare will be retained. The wall may not be made of bricks and steel. Not all illegals will be sent home. NATO is ok as long as they help out. White skinheads are not welcome in his group--but thanks for the votes. Bank regulation is needed but not all of DODD FRANK is needed. And, then there are the bad guys: Romney to Secretary of State, Jeb, George I and II, Cook, Gates, Cruz, etc. all called. France of all countries thinks it was a good choice. Mark Cuban is seen with his chief of strategy. China is willing to negotiate a bit. North Korea wants to establish relations once again. Saudi Arabia likes him now. The Trump of old returns to form. No apologies for changing tune or for winning. Time will tell if his supporters stay with him. But, for now he has at least 2 years to change things and he will. With the help of his adversaries and likely a Democratic Party that can't afford to say no to some of the things he will bring forth. And, foreign policy? Romney and Nikki Haley don't seem to be warrior types. Business oriented politicians headed into the world to do business and get things right. After all economics opened China and brought down the wall. The CIA,FBI,NSA, and Americas Generals tend to bring threats and war into reality for new Presidents pretty quickly. Finally perhaps America will actually govern from the middle. It is already very promising to talk to clients again and hear the enthusiasm they have that grid lock is over and progress just might be made.

TRUMP's OLD POST OFFICE: Went to the Trump Property on Pennsylvania Avenue Saturday night. It is a place of interest. First, I was struck by how much it seems to reflect his personality. The hugeness of the lounge which containss a casual Sports bar in formal style. Security is not obvious as you can walk right in to the lounge and informal dining room. As we sat and enjoyed a cocktail it was interesting that 3 Muslim ladies came in and sat next to us. The thought of suicide vests crossed my mind and it was an easy target. But, we felt that only one would be on a mission and 3 more likely a scout team. They did appear to have security blocked off if you tried to enter the area where the rooms were. The staff was mostly minorities and the visitors white. It was a beautiful place and after a cocktail, a bottle of wine and dinner for two we know why Trump is a billionaire as we paid the bill. In fairness though we were not in the mood to look for discounts at a 5 start hotel. It was a pleasant experience.

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