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November 10, 2016


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DEMOCRATIC ALAMO STRATEGY: Dems didn't seem to learn too much as now we have the nation's largest city Mayors threatening their sanctuary strategy. They will defy the President of the USA and the Immigration Service attempts to return criminal illegals to their homeland. I suppose that means they will line up a band of police officers to fight it out with the Feds? This can do nothing to heal the divide between the voters who abandoned their party to support Trump and the Democratic Party. All this while Party leaders are declaring they learned a hard lesson about abandoning the working class. To make matters even more silly we now have a few Universities with students declaring they will not attend school until University Management declares their Universities as sanctuaries as well. I guess city Mayors and University students can get along without Federal and State funds.

THE BUMPER STICKER POLL: Funny isn't it how something so stupid and basic can tell you what is coming? The final score of our poll going in to the election was 329 Trump 68 Clinton The only real feeling that I got from it was that this would be a contest between Rural America and the Cities. As the night went on you could just see the flood of the red grow throughout the country. As they showed the results on the national map county by county you were just amazed how much land the red (neck) guys controlled. It was as if the blue guys were confined to the Alamo(s). The pan handle of Florida delivered the south east shore of Florida didn't. Only Virginia was able to eventually turn the flood of urban red blue when Fairfax and Arlington county reported. Pennsylvania shocked Philadelphia. Then, Paul Ryan's Wisconsin delivered the final blow. Kasich delivered Ohio despite his self serving fight with Trump. It can be argued that Rubio's decision to run again delivered Florida to Trump as the added 500,000 Latino vote must have split. Rubio likely accounted for that as he swept to victory. Georgia never was close. North Carolina remained red just as bumper stickers predicted. Utah never seriously considered the independent over Trump. In the end I gave Trump and the poll 25% odds going in. When I went to he poll at 7 AM I knew it was going to be close. I walked in to my office and said: "I have never seen so many baseball hats at the poll in my life." The red necks were angry and they delivered. In the USA 60% of the counties were a sweep for Trump.
Finally, despite the stupid comments and insults a man followed the basic tenant of politics in America "It's the economy stupid." And, won. Now, He ,Pence, Ryan and McConnell have to deliver without the pompous ass approach that Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid took when they swept. Fix things, engage the opposition to help, and don't seek revenge. Simpson, Bowles could help. I feel optimistic and so do my clients. It's a breath of fresh air.

OK so our team won. But we won with a less than stellar canidate - bombastic, insulting, and has illegal hispanics and blacks afraid. Yes, that's a great agenda but not if he doesn't turn off his twitter account and watch his mouth. You cannot possibly govern all of the people or work with international leaders if you insult them. I will hold my excitement forl 6 months to a year. He took my state of Ohio and I even voted for him but am a closet voter and will remain so until he proves that he can act presidential.

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