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November 03, 2016


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Like most people at this time in the campaign, I am exhausted and without energy or opinion. Just such a bizarre state of affairs. It's all on us and will be a disappointing result whomever candidate wins. I believe the most interesting and disturbing statement for me was when George H.W.Bush came out with his statement of support for Hillary. I realized then that there is really no longer a two party system and has not been one for some time.

This is a thoughtful piece and the links helpful including the selections in your final "better answers" paragraph.

It is dismaying that Clinton's opponent is Donald Trump. But here we are in what is most likely the most bizarre election in U.S. history. *Sigh*.

I had heard about the black long-time Democrat lawyer's interview. I was glad to see and hear it. Thank you for bringing it to us.

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