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December 15, 2016


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LEADING WITH WARNING SHOTS. We are 37 days from Donald Trump taking the leadership of America but it seems he has grabbed the stage already. The stock market has surged even in the face of a Yellen effort to stall the economy before it begins with rapid projected interest rate increases. Her speech sounded like Obama's series of speeches on how "good" things are after the last 8 years. So despite the onslaught of attempts to discredit him by the media, the Hillary camp and the establishment including incumbent government agency leaders the leadership style of Trump is beginning to disclose itself. I call it leadership by warning shots.

It began during the campaign with shocking assertions against various parties from the establishment to China to immigrants to Silicon Valley, etc. Now, with victory in hand his actual agenda comes forth: Manufacturing will not be given his tax breaks and protectionism IF they continue to move jobs overseas: Carrier is delivered the warning. Defense contractors will not get the surge in budget growth and new orders if they rip the country with excessive over runs and high margins. Boeing was given the warning shot with the Air Force one. The case in favor of man causing global warming will be relooked at from the point of view that perhaps the sun's cycles are the major culprits. EPA is asked for the names of those who focus on the "man did it" primary cause. The intelligence community may be delivering more than the secrets when they analyze the daily events. The President warns that he may choose not to listen to the daily analysis of events if there is nothing for the President to act on. I learned long ago from a brilliant Navy Admiral "don't brief me just tell me what you know." The Energy department will rebalance it's regulatory view of the oil/gas industry. Secretary of Energy is from Texas. High Tech industry may have to focus on how to disrupt the world without destroying the US workforce in favor of Chinese workers and instead retrain some in the US. Otherwise the repatriation tax may not be so low or may include mandatory requirements to use the money for R&D, training schools, US factories or scholarships. Come to Trump tower and we will discuss.

This is a man who made his Billions conceiving business plans and hiring bright people to carry them out. You don't run a world empire by micromanaging the details each day. And, that leadership is going to be his style. Thus, you see a cabinet of people who do the same.

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