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January 26, 2017


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HERE IS WHERE DEMOCRATS--went wrong! What this one minute video of Bill Clinton and the response of many of the same US Congressmen who now lead protests against Trump. This was one of their most effective leaders of all time. This was 1995. 31 Million illegal immigrants later they oppose Trump's views. They have reversed their views 180 degrees in favor of imported votes.


INTERESTING BEGINNING: Trump in action is something not seen in my lifetime. The urgency, the energy and the determination to get action is definitely that of a businessman and similar to that of war time military leaders. Perhaps the reason so many of his cabinet are either business CEO types or Military "get the job done types". Trump fires off his warning shots and leaves the pieces that fall out to his staff to pick up and deal with. He gives messages and expects reactions both good and bad. Want to give China a message? Pick a fight with Mexico and then invite the PM of India to the White House. Want to give Iran a message? Call Putin and back Israel. Want to give the media a message? Call out CNN for their never ending attempt to undermine every action by interpreting it in the polar opposite way it was intended. Want to avoid allowing your enemy to argue your logic in communications? Use Twitter and limit the information you give out to 120 words. Let the staff explain. For those of us who preferred another candidate it is uncomfortable. But, some comfort can be gained when you see the way the staff handles the fallout knowing he picked people to serve who are not used to being micromanaged and know how to get things done. You don't run a multibillion dollar organization by managing a bunch of people who draw a paycheck and wait to be told what to do.

THE DEMOCRATS are not likely to figure this all out soon. They still have not figured out the rural America/redneck male revolt. And, he could be their worst nightmare if his strategy actually works. For example: If he:
--Actually fixes the immigration system
--Actually improves the inner city environments
--Actually improves the military while controlling their budgets
--Actually improves the earnings power of the middle class
--Actually replaces the Healthcare system with one that works
--Actually renegotiates the trade deals and improves them
--Actually lowers American taxes
--Actually eliminates a lot of nonworking regulation
--Actually gets loans from Banks for small businesses

There is a lot for him to address and he does not mess around evidently. Change makes most people nervous. In his case change begins with action. That's not something we've seen much of with politicians.

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