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February 02, 2017


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MICKEY MOUSE versus the OSTRICH: TRUMP's start is certainly entertaining and worrisome. It was fun to watch so much enthusiasm to get started. But, it was a bit MICKEY MOUSE in the amateurish way he announced his "orders" and "warning shots". But, Mexico is at the table. The head of the powerful auto industry unions hugs him daily. Immigration issues swamp the courts on a 90 day temporary order that will be over before Opening Day. The Democrats are in total disarray as they don't have any idea where to build their Alamo. Why fight on the cabinet? Why fight improved immigrant vetting? Even Bernie Frank said he was not taking a suicide pill if Todd-Frank goes down. Save your powder for a real fight you can win, Chuck.

And, then there is the Ostrich, CNN, with its head in the sand still fighting the credibility of the election as if the Supreme Court may at any minute overturn it and bestow the crown on Hillary. Perhaps they believe as well that the Falcons will somehow take the Patriots to court and reverse the Super Bowl. Ironic isn't it that Hillary was odds on favorite to win the Presidency. CNN had all the polls predicting the landslide. And, Atlanta had a 25 point lead when CNN turned off their sets and returned to the immigration issue only to wake up on Monday and learn they missed another one.

In the end the Donald is the President. He was elected to change things and despite the "old guard" defenses and the CNN "play by play" callers debunking every day he is. This show is better than the apprentice.

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