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March 23, 2017


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PELOSI's smiling face drove Republicans crazy for 8 years. The promise of no more of her smile drove Republicans to celebrate the upset victory of Trump delivered in the truck beds of angry rednecks even as they pondered the future under the "Donald". But, then as Republicans are prone to do on Friday Republicans once again grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory as the Conservative caucus whiffed on a no brainer. They played the bluff game with a President who doesn't bluff. He negotiates until it becomes a clear waste of time and then he moves on. And, once again Pelosi smiled at the TV screen. In the end the Conservative Caucus will come back to the President and Obamacare will fall. But, some of them will lose their seats in the 2018 primaries. In the meantime they will have another shot to deal with the President on Taxes and infrastructure. Will they whiff again?

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