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April 13, 2017


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THE WARNING SHOTS keep coming. This is definitely the warning shot President. His negotiating style is the warning shot early to shock the prey. (and any others in future lines) This is quickly followed by several public shocking warnings that the activity harmful to Uncle Sam is outrageous and must end. After the media frenzy (so quick to believe his tactics are about to become actions) predicts the dire consequences he announces that the prey might be coming around and by the way these are pretty good guys with whom he has a fabulous relationship developing.

President agrees to HC plan of the House. The Right caucus balks. President says this is their only shot take it or he's moving on. It doesn't fly as the conservative caucus refuses to yield. Without a beat the President moves on. Now here comes the new plan.

Syria used the chemicals. He delivered the Tomahawks on a military target. Served as a great warning shot for North Korea with Iran, China and Russia watching. Next he warned North Korea and sent an imaginary or real armada toward them. Deployed defensive missile interceptors in South Korea. All the while telling China that perhaps their relationship with the US is not going to be too good if North Korea doesn't reign in their puppet. Now there is no gas in North Korea. Who turned off that pipeline? Now China might not be a currency manipulator and is a great friend,

Off we go to Wisconsin and find the Canadians have stopped the dairy deals. Boom NAFTA has to go. We will be out in a week. 25% tariff on the soft lumber. Today the good Mexican President and his NAFTA buddy in Canada have called and suggested the US stay and renegotiate NAFTA. The President again reiterates what great partners and friends they are.

Out comes the TAX plan. Warning shot: Big Democratic states losing heavily in state tax deductions. Media going crazy. Wonder what the President might trade out to get the plan passed? Stay tuned.

It is so refreshing to see a positive, Bold person in the White House who actually is out to lead America from strength and cares about the working class and their employers.

MEDIA REPORTS of Trump's motivations and actual initiatives are so calculated to discredit him that it is virtually impossible for those of us who care about what is really good for the country to evaluate his effectiveness yet. I'm afraid we will have to wait out the results of his actions one or two at a time to determine how good he is. One thing appears to be certain: The personality he exhibits publically must be far more concerning than his personality in private actually dealing with issues. The next 3 months should tell us if he can pull the party and Congress together to pass some legislation or if he is going to be another Executive Order President.

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