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April 27, 2017


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PARTY FREEZE OUT. The big question for America is can anyone lead both parties? Obama was such a radical departure from past leaders from Kennedy through GWB that the parties have put cooperation into the Freezers. If I believe sources inside the Democratic party it began in the second term of GWB after he invaded Iraq and from then on decided that he was a war time President and strategy became totally one sided. The result was what they characterize as a freeze out of the Democrats and a my way or the highway led by Chaney. A few years later the financial crisis combined with the public's distaste for the war and a loss of credibility of GWB when no nuclear or chemical weapons were found in Iraq. This led to a rejection of Hillary and a sweeping victory by Obama. Socialism was on us and Republican put cooperation in the freezer waiting 2010 elections. The midterms gave the Republicans the power they needed to play defense and the Freeze was secure as a tactic. Now comes 2016 and Trump as once again Hillary was rejected. Democrats are now on the defensive and hoping the Freeze will win for them in 2018.

Trump is fast winning some converts especially in National Security. Panetta gave him strong NS marks yesterday. Trump's focus on American workers jobs and welfare is gaining him traction in the Democratic mid west. With all the Senate seats up for grab in 2018, mostly Democrats, Trump's focus on the heart of the American party, working class people, could just win him the Senate he needs to take control of legislation from 2018 forward. In the mean time we have another Executive Order Presidency while Ryan and McConnell try and figure out strategy to pass something. Get tax reform though, figure out a way to fix Obamacare, get an infrastructure bill and tax cuts through and we might see some solid progress in the economy. Fix the trade agreements and secure the borders and he will be able to point to the fact that a businessman will fix problems with or without cooperation. A smashing loss in 2018 for Democrats and the Freezer strategy might just begin to end.

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