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June 01, 2017


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ONE MORE WARNING SHOT: America will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Pause, take a breath, and after his base is cheering follow it with: and we will begin to immediately renegotiate our way back in. All of the Presidents moves are proceeded with a warning shot designed to shock the opposition and the intended targets of his negotiations to follow. I wonder if all his developments started with: "We will not develop this property"---Pause, deep breath, now lets negotiate. By now the media should stop the "I'm shocked routine" and the public should realize that President Trump is simply remodeling the "deals" the far left has negotiated or put in place that he believes are extracting too high a price from America's workers. Relax America the pendulum has simply swung 180 degrees from public welfare to working opportunity. Socialism versus Capitalism. Two ways of addressing America's economic system.

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