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May 11, 2017


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BLOOD IN THE WATER: In a way the President chums for a fight with his constant exaggeration of his deeds and with his less than straight forward use of the facts in his defense. When he does so he chums for the sharks and sets himself up for constant fights. Now he finds that the sharks can fight and play the exaggeration and bending the truth game better than he can. After all Sol Lewinsky wrote the text book on it. And, the far left use it well. What is it Mark Twain said? "Don't make enemies of people who buy ink by the barrel? (or something close to that) The way it looks today the opposition to Trump, Democrats, Media and the Republican old guard are willing to devastate the economy and stock market to draw blood. While I am one who would prefer he focus on the economy and ignore his critics (enemy). Forget healthcare for now. It's in the hands of the Senate. Get infrastructure, overseas cash repatriation and corporate tax revised. Appoint 10 each Hispanic, black and female conservative judges. And, just for fun appoint Clint Eastwood to run the FBI.

Although handled vindictively, most commentators not aligned with the Democratic Party are of the view that Comey had to go. The problem: he got out of his lane when assuming the role of AG after Clinton derailed Lynch (has any of MSM objected to the tarmac incident, or questioned why there is no transcript, or even explanation?)

Comey's objectivity and judgement came into question by both Parties after the strange involvement of Comey twice during the election. Even if necessary, due to Clinton compromising Lych, it was time for him to leave for the benefit of the country. Ball Players sometimes stay on a season too long. Likewise, aging actors playing romantic roles. Comey stayed on too long after assuming the role of prosecutor, even if justified at the time.

Would any Democrat accept the proposition a year from now, of Comey quietly discontinuing the probe because of lack of evidence? No way. If it were announced, the spin would be that Comey was starved of resources, or discontinuation was premature, or he was a Trump lackey.

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