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August 10, 2017


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TRUMP does what he sees as necessary to win. He has a Grant/Lincoln/Churchill/Roosevelt/Eisenhower approach: war is hell. Get it over as soon as possible. ISIS is the target. Finish them off. Get the immigrants back in their home territory. War is not supposed to be an opportunity to migrate to another country. Watch the films of WWII or read the accounts of the Civil War before and after Lincoln put Grant in charge. The road to victory was paved with a lot of collateral damage. Add Truman's decision to use two nuclear weapons. You make friends after the liberation and after the peace is secure. If you have the upper hand then use it. That is the way he likely thinks. North Korea and Iran should pay attention. There is no winning or holding territory in modern times if you do not have the ability to control the air space or your borders. Modern conventional weapons make it look like you can avoid killing civilians but you cannot. You can kill fewer but ending the conflict is the only way to minimize casualties. They put Patton to pasture when his role of eliminating the enemy was over. But, when they needed him he was their number one tool in taking territory back. The same for McArthur. General Mattis is off the bench. You can bet that President Trump's approach to Afghanistan has changed. He will not be in a holding action for his years in office.

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