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November 02, 2017


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NY Times: Big night for the DEMS. Really? Republicans won 4 of 4 seats in Congress. The Dems squeaked out the Va Governor's job which they already held. They held the Mayor of NY--big win there. NJ returned to Dem control and is now free to try to become a Sanctuary state and fight to keep their Federal funding. Comparisons were made to how well the Dems did in Districts that Hillary won and they won most of them. SO? The polls showed that the Dems did well among highly educated Democrats. Hmmm. That would be teachers and government workers especially in Virginia. I'd take a look at the polar opposite of that: blue collar Dems the former base of the party continue to move away from the antibusiness highly educated Dems and that bodes ill for the long term prospect of the party. Despite the wide spread unhappiness in both parties for the way Trump tweets and criticizes people, the people who count seem to like his results in business and foreign affairs. He is focused on jobs, trade and winning for the working class. If the Dems really think a 2018 landslide return to their way of thinking is coming they better find a way to help working class people. Forget the highly educated Dems. They have their jobs, high wages and government paid benefits. Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania people are likely liking what they see in results.

OIL EMPIRE WARS NEW OPEC STRATEGY? Three of the world's most active players rely significantly on oil production to stay in power and feed their countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The strategy for decades has been Production constraints have not worked too well for the OPEC led Saudi's. Trump is opening the lands of the US to exploration and development increasing reserves and he is authorizing experts of oil and natural gas. The future price of oil is not looking good for these 3 oil dependent players. So, a new strategy emerges: war. War has historically driven prices up in the oil patch. Quick too. So, the Saudis take on forces in Syria and Yemen. Forces supported by Iran. Then Russia continues the bombing of ISIS in Syria. Iran pushes forces in Lebanon and Iraq. It is hard to determine who is on what side. Or what sides are even fighting for. Perhaps they are all fighting just to keep the oil prices higher. It seems to be working a bit. Oil hangs out around $50 now. But, the higher it goes and the better US technology gets the more rigs are going back on line in the US. And, more US oil means more exports. This strategy of war is interesting but likely to make Texas and North Dakota even richer. In the meant time the more missiles they launch in the middle eat the more practice the US gets testing it's systems. Practice for Japan, South Korea and the US. Perhaps North Korea will notice they are pretty good.

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