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January 11, 2018


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Well put. 

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Always good to read the political beat from the conservative trenches of the left coast. One has to remember how and why President Trump was elected President by the "deplorable" voters. We were saturated with do-nothing politicians accountable only to their lobbyists and each other. We did not want another politician to hold the office of President. We chose a brilliant, somewhat unpolished, businessman. A patriotic man with appreciation and love of country and respect for the military. We haven't had a true constitutional Republican party for many years. This President not only is denied support from both party's but has what I now call the Joseph Goebbels 'Ministry of Propaganda' fake news media driving a mantra of hate.
So when the Pelosi's and Durban's react in an offensive manner to the Presidents choice of words I submit we should all be offended of both political parties for failing the voters and the many disasters they failed to address for years, kicked down the road only to end up on President Trump's plate. And we should be further offended by their self-ingratiating obstruction as he attempts to right all the previous administrations, wrongs.

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