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May 23, 2018


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6. He has pressed the immigration issue. The wall. Sanctuary Cities.
7. He put unbelievable pressure on North Korea. He used China to do it. Mixing tariffs in to get leverage. He did a successful ICBM warhead defense test over the Pacific. He got their attention.
8.He dumped the Pacific trade agreement. Then went on to issue tariffs on China. The trade war has never happened.
9. He cancelled the Iran agreement and now Iran is talking to NATO. Germany and France visited him prior to the announcement.
10. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Israel is happy. Others will follow.
11. He told the NATO guys to pay up and they did. Then he gave them Tariffs on Aluminum and steel. Time to open Europe's markets to US goods?
12. His probusiness actions, trade leveraged negotiations and pushes on the Hi Tech community actually provide some hope for the working men and women of the country. Almost seems like a Democrat. Blue collar American put him in there and it is unlikely that they are unhappy with their choice at this point.
13. A woman leads our UN team. A woman heads the CIA. A woman speaks for him to the press. Women might wonder why they should not support him.

So, will he be able to rally the public to support him in the midterms? Maybe. The rednecks and blue collar guys are hard to drive to the polls. Eight years of Obama followed by the fear of Hillary did it. A bigger question is what is the reason the Democratic base should not stay home and support him? Probably the worst nightmare for the Democrats will be an attempt by Mueller to impeach him. That would bring out the boys again.

GETTING USED TO TRUMP: Difficult as it may be for Democrats to accept and even social minded Republicans the American public seems to be getting used to Trump. His Warning Shot style of beginning negotiations with some outrageous threat of retributions for noncooperation are beginning to being seen as "just negotiations" by the public. Now the media and talking heads are still all over the "dangerous behavior" of the "devil" President. And, the media continues to predict the world will end with every "warning shot" he fires. We are beginning to see the difference between diplomats/ Bureaucrats and business leaders is the way they negotiate and the speed with which they make things happen. Bid and proposal is for the most part the way of the government buy goods and services. Formality and Process is the way to negotiate international agreements. In business alternatives are the key. Leverage is the key. Game strategy is used. Urgency is expected. Lead, follow or get out of the way is a famous motto. Loyalty is demanded. You are with me or you are out of here. In government that never happens--until now. Leak something and "you are fired". Disagree in public after the decision is made and "you are fired". Since Eisenhower's affair in WWII the public doesn't care. The public considered "Tricky Dick" one of the most effective Presidents in Foreign Affairs despite his Watergate dismissal. The public quickly fired Jimmy Carter when he failed to bring home the hostages. Reagan bombed Qaddafi's house, fired the Air Traffic Controllers and took out Noriega without public outrage. So now the public has been shocked over and over with Trump's warning shots and then observed:
1. He took on Obamacare. The congress stalled it. He did away with mandatory coverage and cut his losses.
2. He daily dismantles regulations.
3. He quit NAFTA then did not. Then when the negotiations stalled he put on tariffs. Mexico and Canada are at the table.
4. He bombed the airport in Syria. They used chemicals again and he bombed a lot more.
5. He passed tax reform for both individuals and corporations and repatriated the overseas cash.

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