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May 17, 2018


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Many of us have been influenced in our thinking over the past 40 years by my friend Senator Harry Reid. This influence has ranged from intellectual thought to furious reactions to his behavior as a Politician. Many questioned his veracity and his intent. For me it was easier to interpret his motives and actions for two reasons:

First, I have known him personally for more than 45 years and that allowed me to understand what he believes, where he comes from, what influences him, his moral values and his integrity. He is a fighter, he is a brilliant strategic thinker, he cares about the "little guy" in America and he cares about the America we will leave to our grand children.

Second, as a Republican business owner I have had the opportunity to confer with him and debate with him on many, many issues throughout the years. So I know how hard he fights for what he believes. And, I know how carefully he listens to the views of others. If you can make your case sufficiently then Senator Reid will change his approach. But, anger and emotion will not do it. You have to be logical. I found his ideas on what America needs and mine were pretty close. Our debates were always respectful and for the most part more about ways to get to the outcome we wanted rather than the final objective. They were debates I enjoyed. And, he is a man who served us most of his life and always had my respect no matter how much he frustrated me.

When a group of this blog community came to visit Washington DC, and knowing full well most were conservative Republicans, Senator Reid, Majority leader of the Senate and arguably one of the 3 most powerful men in the USA, took his time at my request to visit us at our location. That personifies the man he is. He was very gracious, even in the den of the Lions.

Now, having recently lost an eye and less than 2 years into retirement, he is fighting once again. This time against cancer. If you can win this fight, he will. Whether you agree with him and his tactics or not, please keep him your thoughts and prayers. He worked for us all and still is.

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