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June 14, 2018


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WHEN TRUMP CAN'T WIN with the media he has no reason to worry about what they think. At this point he has destroyed ISIS; instituted sanctions on Russia, Iran, North Korea; bombed Syria; sent Iran back to the nuclear negotiating table with Europe; levied steel and aluminum tariffs on Europe, China and NAFTA; met with North Korea; strengthened immigration barriers, appointed a conservative Supreme Court judge and hundreds of lower court judges; changed the head of the Fed; removed the mandatory participation in the Affordable Care Act; reversed the policy on Cuba; removed hundreds of regulations; passed a new tax plan for corporations and individuals; repatriated Trillions of overseas dollars; and set a pace of work that no one has ever seen before in a public service employee. The result of this? Media disparagement. Congressional disagreement. Democrats in a 4 corners defense agreeing with nothing. Republican old guard shell shocked. World leaders publicly outraged while they continue to negotiate in closed door sessions.

Meanwhile the economy is on fire. He is putting people to work who have been embedded in 2-3 part time jobs for 8 years. He is bringing back to work people who for years have been counted as uninterested in work. He is bringing back to work seniors who were "too old" to hire. He is giving opportunity to work to Hispanics and African Americans. He is slowing the 31 million immigrant migration into America's social service and education system. Democrats and economists are amazed with the number of people still filling jobs while the "so called" unemployment rate is nearing all time lows. People want dignified work and will come off the safety net given the opportunity that capitalism offers when unconstrained.

You will note that last night he threatened more tariffs on China. Today North Korea's leader is in China once again You think the Chinese are not "guiding" him to the table with Trump? The President wants these closed door negotiations to progress at business pace not the government's. He wants deals. He is not in the business of waiting. And, if "warning shots" provide the messages he needs to get action then he does not worry about the media, the Democrats or the "old guard" Republicans reactions.

By the way as you listen to the cries of foul about the separation of children and parents at the border from opponents, consider what we do when we put parents and children in prison for breaking laws? Any different? Shall we allow parents to have their children in prison with them?

Lead, follow or get out of the way. The Chinese leader knows exactly what Trump knows. This is likely about the North Korean leader, the intellectual property theft as well as the imbalance of trade. Don't be surprised if you see a North Korea treaty, a renegotiated Iran agreement, a new NAFTA agreement, a trade agreement with China and the EU in the months ahead. Whether the media likes it or not.

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