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July 12, 2018


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DISRUPTION is uncomfortable. The President continued to disrupt the old line political system of the US, it's allies and it's "foes". He gave a hint a few days back when he said that America basically leads a world of competitors. Allies and enemies alike. He is out to level the playing field internationally. After all, that is what President Obama did domestically, isn't it? For more than 70 years since the end of WWII the US has rebuilt the world beginning with European allies and then our vanquished enemies in Germany and Japan. We modernized everything for them and returned them to modern society. Then, for 70 years we paid their defense bill for them holding Russia and China in check. Around 1985 those free services began to take their toll on American workers. Mexico invaded the US with 31 million illegals taking away the jobs of millions of American workers. And, restricting middle class workers household income. At the same time the rise of the working class in the far east and Mexico began to create an opportunity for American companies to take their jobs overseas further devastating the American workers income opportunities. Meanwhile these "allies" of ours continued to place tariffs on our goods and pay little for the UN and the common defense. And, the "foes" stole our intellectual property. With Allies like this, who needs "allies"? The President is clearly on a mission to call out this behavior and change it. The "swamp" is very nervous. On the other hand the reason you see this public outrage, followed by closed door discussions is that the "allies" and "foes" know exactly what he is talking about. Remember during the campaign the "Donald" said 'China and Russia think we are idiots'. What he did not say as loudly is "so do our allies". Now he is just pointing out and addressing that all countries have been gaming the system and taking advantage of the US. They are all competitors. The UK, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, etc. Let the man do his job and see what happens.

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